Planning & Collaboration

  • Working with multiple stakeholders each with their own agendas and ethos?
  • Need to develop a well-articulated plan with steps and timelines?
  • Need a good meeting facilitator?
  • Need to make those ideas work?

In addition to multi-agency and collaborative planning , HTA has helped many public and private agencies to look at their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT), to realistically chart a strategic plan, to benchmark that plan with intermediate steps, and to take ownership for implementing the plan. Our planning processes yield good results: plans are pragmatic and realistic with ?buy in’ at all levels of the organization. Our clients implement the plans formed.

HTA has established its credentials for skilled facilitation , cultural competence, and the ability to help groups discover their own direction even under challenging circumstances.

HTA planning and collaboration services include:

  • Place-based assessments
  • Strategic, Tactical, and Business plans
  • Service Delivery Systems Plans
  • Program Development
  • Fund Development Plans
  • Formation of and planning for collaboratives
  • Partnership building
  • Meeting facilitation

We are often called upon to conduct needs assessments and program development planning for groups as they pursue state and federal grants.

Planning and Collaboration examples

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