Grant & Technical Writing

  • QuotesNeed help with grant writing? Program design? Evaluation? Determining if your organization is eligible for a particular grant?
  • Need help planning for a grant proposal? Gathering data on needs in your community or on best practices in your field?
  • Need a competitive edge?
  • Need to develop in-house grant writing skills?
  • Need a report or a white paper written?

Then talk to the experts at HTA!

Our team has yielded clients over $450 million in funding. Proposals written by HTA have ranked at or near the top in highly-competitive federal grant programs.

In this era of accountability – from education to corrections – our work demands collaboration and a laser focus on results. As a firm, HTA integrates planning, grant writing, and evaluation services to support the effectiveness of client agencies and programs. This melding of disciplines helps us craft strong proposals and helps our clients be prepared for successful implementation and sustainability.


Return on Investment:

ROIWe understand that there are many needs competing for your organization’s limited resources and that our services may represent a significant investment. Contracting with HTA is very likely to benefit your mission and your bottom line. HTA’s Return on Investment is much higher than the $10-$30 per dollar invested which venture capitalists demand. Working with HTA is a solid investment for your organization’s future.


Grant writing and technical writing services include:

      • Needs/Assets assessment
        We gather information about your community, agency, programs, and history to create a compelling story
      • Program planning and design – best practices research
        We work with you to think through your program design, and we research evidence-based program options to ensure that you get optimum results.
      • Narrative writing
        We spend time with your team to ensure that our grants capture the qualities, context, and texture of your organization and its services.
      • Meeting facilitation and brokering partnerships
        We facilitate program planning and collaboration among partnering agencies and thereby help to plan effective and innovative programs.
      • Letter of agreement templates
        We make sure letters of agreement are compelling and comprehensive.
      • Project evaluation design
        We develop effective evaluation plans that satisfy funders, document your achievements and help strengthen your programs.
      • Budget development
        We help you develop a budget that is reasonable and compliant with funders’ requirements.
      • Project management
        We ensure your proposal is submitted well before the deadline.
      • Quality assurance
        We review the entire application thoroughly to make sure there are no errors or inconsistencies.
      • Packaging and submission
        We assemble and submit the application to give you peace of mind.

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