Evaluation & Research

  • Need a high-quality, cost-effective external evaluator?
  • Need a realistic evaluation plan aimed at meeting funder requirements?
  • Need to demonstrate the effectiveness of your program?
  • Need assessment & ideas on how to improve your program?

Evaluation and Research are important and necessary aspects of operating effective and sustainable programs. HTA’s Research and Evaluation staff bring both technical expertise and content expertise in a wide variety of fields. Our evaluation team works closely with our clients to develop a systematic process for research and evaluation.

Research and Evaluation Services include:

  • Articulating the questions
  • Developing clear plans based upon sound & best practice methodologies
  • Identifying effective data collection methods
  • Designing effective data collection instruments
  • Collecting data through surveys, interviews, focus groups, site visits, case studies, transcript analysis, internet research
  • Developing web-based and network-based databases
  • Managing both qualitative and quantitative data
  • Statistical analyses
  • Reports for policy development and sustainability efforts
  • Program improvement Consultation

Our content expertise includes: K-16 educational programs; early childhood development; social services and child welfare; juvenile and adult corrections; youth development; school-linked services including community schools and after school programs; child and adult mental health; public service systems; domestic violence; poverty, race and public policy; employment and training; and a variety of other subject areas.

Institutional Review Board

Examples of Evaluation Projects

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