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Hatchuel Tabernik & Associates is pleased to be a referral partner to Social Solutions, Inc, the creators of Efforts to Outcomes (ETO™) software. As a technical assistance, program evaluation and planning organization, HTA has extensive experience with databases and data management systems for nonprofit and public sector organizations. In our experience, ETO software is a truly outstanding application for human service organizations and intermediaries.

At its core, ETO software is about measuring the impact of staff, program, organization and/or collaborative efforts on participant outcomes. The application helps organizations to clearly establish their desired results for children, families, individuals and the organization as a whole, and then assists the organization in systematically measuring both its efforts and the resulting outcomes. This helps to bridge the gap between program and evaluation, by putting data tools in the hands of practitioners in a way that is both flexible and user friendly. Administrators and practitioners have access to hundreds of pre-developed reports that can be populated dynamically with up-to-date data on a real time basis.

The ETO software community continues to lead the field of nonprofit technology solutions with the introduction of the ETO Marketplace. Here, original, innovative applications made by the more than 30,000 users of ETO software are posted and promoted for the rest of the user community to browse and implement as part of their ETO software experience. Application solutions have seen usage by as much as 20% of users within the first 60 days of release. Solutions include signature pad functionality, compliance reports, and program-specific assessment models such as Center for Working Families. Like Social Solutions’ library of best practices, ETO Marketplace leverages the experience of high-performing organizations to strengthen one another and to help develop organizations new to performance management.

Finally, ETO software is affordable and scalable from standard, professional and enterprise editions depending on the size and complexity of the customer need. Customers spread across all 50 states and Canada use ETO software to serve over 4 million unduplicated participants at more than 16,000 sites. Join them in deploying ETO software to save time, track program and participant outcomes, and achieve greater insight into staff, program and organization effectiveness.

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