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Selected samples of HTA’s products:
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OMHT2 Operation My Home Town (OMHT)
is an adult offender reentry program led by the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office (ACSO) and funded by a Bureau of Justice Administration’s Second Chance Act grant. OMHT offers a continuum of care to inmates in Santa Rita Jail (SRJ) who are at medium or high-risk of recidivating and are returning to the unincorporated Eden area of Alameda County, with a focus on the distressed Ashland/Cherryland communities. The goal of OMHT is to reduce recidivism among the target population and thereby enhance public safety.
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H3ReportIcon Alameda County Office of Education
Project Heart, Head, Hands (H3): A Language Arts-Based Character Education Program for Elementary SchoolsSee Full Report →
The Marin County Child Care Commission
strives to lead the community in establishing and maintaining a comprehensive, high quality countywide child care system… Continue reading →


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