Selected samples of HTA’s products:
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OMHT2 Operation My Home Town (OMHT)
is an adult offender reentry program led by the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office (ACSO) and funded by a Bureau of Justice Administration’s Second Chance Act grant. OMHT offers a continuum of care to inmates in Santa Rita Jail (SRJ) who are at medium or high-risk of recidivating and are returning to the unincorporated Eden area of Alameda County, with a focus on the distressed Ashland/Cherryland communities. The goal of OMHT is to reduce recidivism among the target population and thereby enhance public safety.
See Full Report →
H3ReportIcon Alameda County Office of Education
Project Heart, Head, Hands (H3): A Language Arts-Based Character Education Program for Elementary SchoolsSee Full Report →
The Marin County Child Care Commission
strives to lead the community in establishing and maintaining a comprehensive, high quality countywide child care system… Continue reading →
SEI AmeriCorps Report Bay Area Community Resources / Strategic Energy InnovationClimate Corps Bay AreaEvaluation of the first year of the Climate Corps Bay Area (CCBA) program – a partnership created by Strategic Energy Initiatives (SEI) and Bay Area Community Resources (BACR). This was program provides local governments and non-profits with full-time AmeriCorps Members to assist in implementing comprehensive greenhouse gas emission reduction initiatives. Through education and engagement, Members help communities implement projects with measurable energy efficiency and emission reduction outcomes. See Full Report →
 CCFutures Report CC FUTURES Program EvaluationCatholic Charities of the East Bay (CCEB) is a diverse, multi-service nonprofit human services agency. Since 1935, it has played a central role in providing social services and advocacy to those most in need in Contra Costa and Alameda counties regardless of their religious faith. In 2009, Hatchuel Tabernik and Associates worked closely with CCEB and CC County staff to develop the Evaluation Plan with appropriate methods for collecting data necessary for the SROI analyses, and to implement the projects during a six-month Pilot Test Phase. From January 2010 through July 2012, HTA worked closely with CCEB and CC County staff to provide technical assistance on follow-up data collection and verification of income documents, and to conduct analysis of one- and two- year follow-up data to evaluate the program’s effectiveness on predicted outcomes, and calculate the program’s social return on investment for the Monument Corridor community. See Full Report →
Contra Costa College (CCC) HSI STEMCurrently, HTA has begun an evaluation of the Contra Costa College (CCC) Link program – a comprehensive approach to substantially reducing the achievement gap in college completion and transfer rates among Hispanic and low-income students in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields in the Contra Costa Community College service area. We have been contracted to conduct an evaluation and build internal capacity for program staff. In addition to creating baseline and outcome student surveys, program attendance tracking databases, and other key stakeholder focus group protocols, we intend to analyze the data to evaluate the program’s impact on supporting success among Hispanic and low-income students in STEM coursework, degree programs, and certifications, and provide on-going feedback on implementation progress so that programmatic changes can be made, as needed. In addition, we provide the client with technical assistance on the federal government’s semi-annual progress reports, as well as create an annual evaluation report on progress towards program goals and implementation.
CCFutures Report The Marin County Child Care Commission
strives to lead the community in establishing and maintaining a comprehensive, high quality countywide child care system… Continue reading →
7. YMCA CDC REACH YMCA CDC REACHProyecto Movimiento, funded by grants from the CDC REACH and CPEHD programs, has the overarching goal of promoting healthy eating and regular exercise to reduce the prevalence of Type 2 diabetes among Latinos in the Gilroy, California region. The project involves training high school students as Youth Health Advocates, training after-school program staff in nutrition and fitness education, providing seminars and events for students and their families, providing enhanced physical fitness activities and education for students and after-school program participants, and working to influence public policy and organizational cultures around nutrition and physical activity.This is a large and complex evaluation with multiple public and nonprofit partners, requiring intensive data collection from schools, after-school programs, and other partners, focus groups, and tracking a broad range of program activities, from community meetings to youth presentations. The evaluation also includes developing and submitting two sets of reports to the project funders, as well as working with the project advisory committee to provide and interpret formative evaluation data. HTA developed a detailed logic model and evaluation plan, and is continuing to work with the YMCA, MACSA and other partners to refine instruments and data collection processes. See Full Report →

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